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Divine Intervention and Communication

22 Feb

An atheist friend once asserted that, even if deities exist, They don’t deserve worshiping because They could stop human suffering and don’t. This idea actually makes me a bit uncomfortable because, among other reasons, I reject the idea that deities should interfere, even positively, in the lives of people who haven’t signed up for it. That has a lot to do with my experiences with divine communication.

My godphone has a pretty good signal. I hear deities as clear as day as if we were talking on a cell phone in a quiet place with excellent reception. Communications with Eris are mostly pleasant, and even when they’re not Her messages are a positive influence on my life. But even though it’s often pleasant, having a distinct voice that is not my own in my head is rather odd. And Eris isn’t the only deity that has dialed my godphone.

I didn’t hear one word from the Christian God when I was a Christian, but I have heard plenty as a pagan forced to sit in the second pew on Sundays when visiting my mother. God makes no bones about how He doesn’t want me there & knows I don’t want to be there and it would best for all involved if I would GTFO. This is not ever pleasant; I suffer headaches, nausea, once I have even had a seizure. I have to mark the soles of my feet with protective symbols just to be left alone.

And communication isn’t the only way Eris has played a part in my life. She isn’t shy about playing some disorder games to see how I handle it. I handle it well and am stronger for it, but it isn’t pleasant. It isn’t anything particularly horrid, but it is rather stressful.

The point is, what deities want to do for a human, regardless of whether the deity cares about you or is pissed that you’re around, can be really hard to deal with. Eris and I have a relationship, and Her interference in my life is a part of that relationship. The whole world didn’t sign up for that, though. The whole world didn’t agree to let Her in their various minds and let Her play in their lives. And I wouldn’t think it was okay for Her to do whatever with some unsuspecting atheist or Christian or anyone else just because Her actions ended up benefiting that person. It’s just not ethical behavior.


Had an epiphany recently

31 Dec

Until very recently, I considered myself a Discordian; then, while I was still on Tumblr, I was doing a belief system 30 day challenge & realized I didn’t really know why I was a Discordian. I knew what I liked about Discordianism, but there’s plenty I like about various religions I’m not part of. I did a Tarot reading recently & one of the things it told me was that I was the only thing holding me back from finding a spiritual path.

I realized that, no matter where I end up, Eris will be there with me. She’s literally in my head. She’s my Goddess & any path I take is gonna need to be one She can be a part of.

That’s all I’ve gotten so far, but I’d like to think that’s a pretty good step in the right direction.