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I think introductions are in order…

23 Dec

My name’s RenĂ©. I’m a 23-year-old undergrad student at Ole Miss. I’m a non-binary trans person, ze/hir pronouns (this isn’t negotiable–I will not acknowledge any comments that refer to me with a different set of third-person pronouns).

I enjoy watching TV shows and movies, reading books, playing video games, and critiquing various elements of each of these. I like to talk about politics. I’m on a journey to find the right religious/spiritual path for me & I’ll probably share some of my experiences along the way.

I haven’t completely formulated a solid comments policy, but trolling, unapologetic bigotry, or any combination of the two, will not be tolerated. No, this does not violate your freedom of speech; I’m not the government & therefore have nothing to do with your freedom of speech. The 1st Amendment does not require every person ever to allow you a platform to say whatever you want.

Having said that, feel free to use the comments section for any questions, concerns, refutations, etc. I hope we can learn a lot from each other & have some fun too.