Had an epiphany recently

31 Dec

Until very recently, I considered myself a Discordian; then, while I was still on Tumblr, I was doing a belief system 30 day challenge & realized I didn’t really know why I was a Discordian. I knew what I liked about Discordianism, but there’s plenty I like about various religions I’m not part of. I did a Tarot reading recently & one of the things it told me was that I was the only thing holding me back from finding a spiritual path.

I realized that, no matter where I end up, Eris will be there with me. She’s literally in my head. She’s my Goddess & any path I take is gonna need to be one She can be a part of.

That’s all I’ve gotten so far, but I’d like to think that’s a pretty good step in the right direction.


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